Doprinos civilnog društva reformi OEBS: studija slučaja Srbije

Marko Savković

29. маја 2015

Doprinos civilnog društva reformi OEBS: studija slučaja Srbije

Food for thought paper, prepared for OSCE PA seminar „Reaffirming the strengths, envisioning the prospects“

Authors: Mina Lazarević and Marko Savković, BFPE

The OSCE’s relevance will be put to the test in this “year of milestones”, with 40 years since the signing of the Helsinki Final Act, and the Republic of Serbia – a “security recipient” not so long ago – holding the OSCE Chairmanship for the first time. In addressing these, as well as many other challenges the Organization will be counting on the help of a complex and fragmented, yet influential and impartial ally – civil society. Our goal in this paper is therefore twofold: first, to shed light on the wider context, where several pan-European initiatives are already assisting the OSCE’s work on issues of critical importance; and second, to provide a case study of Serbia’s Chairmanship in Office (CiO), which, following Switzerland’s example, aims to engage civil society (CS) far and wide.

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CS contribution to OSCE Reform-Serbia_food4thought paper_Savkovic-Lazarevic